Portfolio of Cheylon K. Woods


I am a graduate from Louisiana Tech University in Liberal Arts a Bachelors in History and Political Science. I am member of Phi Alpha Theta, American Anthropological Association, and the National Historical Association. My education has allowed me to gain exceptional knowledge of Social Studies with emphasis on public history.

My work experience has consisted of working for the National Park Service at the Oakland Plantation Unit of the Cane River Creole National Historical Parks from May of 2010 to September 2010, and  the Williamson Museum at Northwestern State University from August 2009 to the present.

At Oakland Plantation National Park my duties included the development of a Main House tour, specified interpretation projects, informal tours of the site, and safety presentations to fellow park employees. The time I spent at this park  allowed me to gain experience in leading tours and working with diverse audiences.  At the Williamson Museum my duties include curating the collections on site,  Docent for kids tour and research on the collections. The Williamson Museum has allowed me the opportunity to show my ability to develop and implement innovative outreach programs for targeted audiences.  Both employers gave me the opportunity to exhibit my strong initiative, leadership and planning skills, and demonstrate my ability to communicate effectively and show evidence of superior poise and tact.

Through these jobs and other volunteer experiences I have  obtained superior organization and interpersonal skills, improved my ability to learn concepts quickly, and an opportunity to show my commitment to quality in all aspects of public history. These

My Research Interests include Native American culture and traditions, History of the South, and culture and traditions of the agricultural working families, Just to name a few.


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