Portfolio of Cheylon K. Woods

In October of this year I received the opportunity to participate in an Archival training collaborative workshop in Jackson, Mississippi. The Archival Training Collaborative is an IMLS funded initiative to establish a sustainable program of affordable archival training opportunities for staff and volunteers in historical repositories in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama (http://www.archivaltraining.org/index.html), and anyone else who would be interested in attending. This particular workshop was a train the trainer session where we learned how to develop our own workshop programs. I must say, I met some very dedicated people at this workshop who encouraged and helped me develop my workshop, ” ‘Giving the world a Glimpse…’ The ins and outs of basic exhibit design and interpretation”, which will be held on January 27, 2012 at the Alabama Department of Archives and History.  I attended a second meeting in November where I met more ATC trainers and learned how their workshops went. Again, everyone was so nice and supportive, and they all had some awesome workshops! Between Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, there have been workshops about arrangement, preservation, storage, genealogical research…just to name a few topics! every trainer I met was very well versed in their topics and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the general public. I, personally, am looking to see what new workshops are being hosted soon!


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  1. This is 1 awesome website! Found a lot of info from it. I will most certainly share it with my buddies. Thank you so much!

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