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IMLS Fellowship

I am a recent  recipient of the Increasing African American Diversity in Archives yearlong fellowship from The Historymakers organization in Chicago, Illinois. As a recipient of this grant I  have embarked on a three month immersion training program in the field of archival work at The Historymakers office. Over the last two months I have worked on processing numerous fascinating digital  interviews of prominent African Americans throughout the country. I have also been a part of symposiums with professionals in my field, like Daniel Pitti and Kathryn Stine, as well as scholars in African American history and culture, like Christopher Reed and Kathleen Bethel. We have visited the Great Lakes National Archives, and I was very encouraged by the kind words of Mr.Bicknese.

All of the training I have received thus far, and what I will continue to lean is all in preparation for the work I will be doing at the Alabama Department of Archives and History for the rest of the fellowship. I am very excited to learn new techniques and collaborate with my fellow fellowship recipients and the archivists at the Alabama Department of Archives and History to find new ways to make these repositories a cornerstone in their communities.


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