Portfolio of Cheylon K. Woods

Public Speaking

The truest way to inform people of new ideas is by speaking to them, and public speaking is something I have been involved in since I was seven years old.

In regards to public history, I have done a number of public speaking events regarding Native American Powwow dance styles and culture. I  helped plan and  I presented during the Powwow Dance Styles exhibition held at Northwestern State University for Native American Heritage Month 2009. During this exhibition I discussed Fancy Shawl Dance and its origins two an audience of 200 people. I have also spoken to schools about Native American culture and powwow dance styles  from kindergarten to high school.

I also participated in a Heritage education program in 2010 that showed elementary students different aspects of the Caddo culture. This even was held at the National Fish Hatchery in Natchitoches Louisiana, which is one of the tribes traditional burial areas. In this program I worked in the dance section, and to prepare for this event I learned some of the traditional Caddo social dances.  In addition to schools I also presented pinch pot techniques, definition of pottery symbols, and powwow dance styles to the Juvenile Department of Justice in Shreveport Louisiana.


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