Portfolio of Cheylon K. Woods


Interpretation is vital in heritage resources because it is the vehicle that transports the story of the artifacts and sites.

This previous summer I worked at Oakland National Park. I have volunteered at this park before, once working with exhibit design and another time as a docent on the Fall Tour of Homes 2009. While working as a docent at the tenant house, I realized the importance of interpretation. That following summer I was employed as a park ranger at Oakland Plantation, and during this summer employment I developed a children tour entitled “Who am I?” The purpose of this tour was to show the children the similarities and differences between the two major agricultural work systems in the South, Slavery and Sharecropping.  For the end of the tour I developed a Venn Diagram that the children built together based on the information they received on the tour. As a Park Ranger I also developed a Main House Tour that highlighted the the resilience and resourcefulness of the Phrudomme Family throughout the Plantation era.

I also developed a children’s tour for the Williamson Museum at Northwestern State University for a group of Boy and Girl Scouts. This tour discussed the different tribes that are displayed in the museum.

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