Portfolio of Cheylon K. Woods


I have done 2 major projects that have required documentation as a graduate student at Northwestern State University. The first project was the HABS project, which required me to document the structure and the exterior condition of the building at different times of the day. The structure that I documented is the old McClung Drugstore, located on the corner of Front Street and Church Street in downtown Natchitoches.The current building sits on the old church site where it is said that Saint Denis is  buried. This building was the local drugstore for the citizens of Natchitoches, carrying items that ranged from holiday cards and wrapping paper to farm utilities. Today the building is being used as a clothing boutique and is still a regular location for the people of Natchitoches.

The other project was a cemetery clean up project. For this project I had to select a stone in American Cemetery and document it condition before, during and after cleaning.The pictures were taken of the stone from the North, South, East, and West sides of the stone.  These pictures were used to document the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.  The purpose of this project was to help preserve the stones in the cemetery by using an eco-friendly chemical called D-12.


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