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Archival Research

With a bachelors in History I have had 4 years experience with archival research. As a candidate for a Masters in Heritage Resources I have done 2 primary archival Research projects in addition to the archival research done for my project thesis The first project that I completed was an archeological proposal that required me to research the area, pick an area on a map and draw up a possible archeological plan. The purpose of this project was to gauge the possibility of conducting an archeological dig at a particular site.  To accomplish this I had to research the ownership of that piece of land back 75 to 100 years.  As I traced back the ownership of my particular plot I learned some interesting information about Central Louisiana. The property that I was researching is located within a parcel that sat on the edge of Natchitoches Parish in the 1800’s. This particular section of land would later become a part of Webster Parish.

The other major archival research project I completed in this program is a Historical American building Survey report ( HABS). This required me to research a building in a certain community and its uses over a certain period of time. The building I researched for my HABS report was the McClung Drugstore in Natchitoches Louisiana. In this project I traced back the chain of ownership to 1925. I also researched what type of building this was, how it was constructed, and the history of the site. To obtain the information needed to complete this report I used documents found in Cammie G. Henry Archives at Northwestern State University, documents from the  Natchitoches Tax Assessor’s Office, and documents from the Library of Congress. The documents found in the Cammie G. Henry Archives were essential in filling out the history of the building and the role it has played to the community.

Photo found in Robert Deblieux collection; Cammie G. Henry archives, Northwestern State Unveristy, Natchitoches Louisiana

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